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Many have asked who is Mass Muscle Ed? Well here you are.

Mass Muscle Ed , born 5/6/50, grew up in Massachusetts in Revere for 18 years, then entered the armed forces (Airforce) for 4 years. After there I went to The New York Institute of Photography and videography and got my degree. I also atteneded the School of Photography in Boston as well. I spent 18 years doing such work as wedding videos, parties, etc. and got a lot of experience with both the still cameras and video cameras that way.

Since I was 8 years old, my love for muscular women was always apparent as I always had an eye for muscular legs even at that age. My fetish for the muscular woman grew stronger and stronger as I grew older and I always admired the fact that perhaps they were as strong or stronger than I was. I can remember hanging around with my best friend Karen after school back in my early years, she being very muscular at the age of 8 and growing more and more muscular as the years went on. After school we would always wrestle and of course I would lose (for real folks) she was a lot stronger and more muscular then I could ever get. Hence, My love for wrestling women started at the age of 8.

I had a residential and commercial cleaning business for many years and was doing well, but never really satisfied at my work. Having a broad backround and knowledge of business, and with an extreme love for muscular women and the sport of bodybuilding and wrestling, I decided to start what is now the well known Mass Muscle Videos. I started with my first gal non other than the GREAT Karla Nelson and from there with her help I catapulted into this great industry.

The rest is history, being in business for over 18 years, I now have 21 issues of Mass Muscle Magazine, 3 issues of Mass Muscle Wrestling Magazine, 400 videos with every kind of video to satisfy almost everyones fetish. I have worked with over 150 world class women bodybuilders, dancers, gymnasts, and athletes from all walks of life, and Mass Muscle Is also the Largest referral agency in this industry with contact information of these world class ladies given thru many sources such as, at the end of the videos, thru the magazines, thru the internet on request, thru posting over the news groups, and mailings on a regular basis to your area when a women will be appearing there at a specific time.

And this is just the beginning, I have many new videos, magazines, products, new women, and events in the works all the time, so stay tuned to this site on a regular basis and enjoy the entertainment!!!

Yours for the muscular woman,

Mass Muscle Ed

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