Christine Envall Posing + Wrestling Video #371 "ENORMOUS"

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5'3", 175lbs Massive Amazon!!


5'3",up to 200lbs off season, 168lbs contest, 17 1/4/2"" biceps and 18 3/4" calves, 28" quads.

The overwhelming response to Christine's last wrestling video prompted me to release this combination posing wrestling video. Because of her enormous leg development allot of the posing segments focus's on her amazing 18 3/4" calves, and 28" explosive quads. She loves to pose, flex and show off those out of this world development. I have never seen such awesome calves in all my life. Chris wears several different outfits and shows off every part of her MASSIVE physique. Her back and lat spread are one of a kind FREAKY!!! Her chest is BIG and THICK. Her biceps are full and immensely large, The video starts off by her laying in bed speaking to you about how much she enjoys squeezing a man helpless with her incredible muscular legs. About how much of a turn on it is to wrestle and squeeze a man into submission, then after 15 minutes or so she is shown head and bodyscissoring a man to screaming submission. (Unreal explosive vibrating squeezing is shown here.) After a few minutes of this torture then she is shown in more superb flexing and posing. You will never see more unreal muscular development and size anywhere. Around 40 minutes or so muscle bulging, eyepopping action in this video for $50.00. And as usual buy this video and receive one free from videos 101-300, On Line Catalog. This is one the most MAGNIFICENT MASSIVE MUSCLED lady you will not want to miss.!! Email me at Mass Muscle below for her direct contact information when she travels to the states

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