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5'3", 175lbs Massive Amazon!!


5'3",up to 200lbs off season, 168lbs contest, 17 1/4/2"" biceps and 18 3/4" calves, 28" quads.

Christine shows just how powerful her legs are in this dynamic scissoring video. She takes on a very tough guy who never submits, at least without a good fight to last through a scissors onslaught. But Ed has no chance against the 28" massive quads and hamstrings of Christine and her 18+" calves. Christine loves to squeeze a man into submission, she really does! In this video she seems to have a big smile on her face while torturing her victim. Every kind of scissors hold is shown here, with some of the most magnificent vicious vibrating head scissors ever seen before. Grapevines that almost break Ed in two!! She has him screaming his submission with these holds. If you love HUGE muscular legs on a sexy girl with mass that is incomparable, and love to watch those legs squeeze like you have never seen before, then this video is certainly for you. Lots of muscle in this video and lots of squeezing and various other submission holds displayed. The video is 30+ minutes long for $50.00 as always buy this video and choose one free from the catalog videos 101-300, On Line Catalog
This is one the most MAGNIFICENT MASSIVE MUSCLED ladies! Email me at Mass Muscle below for her direct contact information when she travels to the states

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