Michelle Earheart

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5'4",175lbs MASSIVE Muscle


5'4"", 175lbs off season, 155lbs contest, 17" biceps and 17" calves, 27" quads.

( this video is the same one from women and muscle)For those of you that have never seen Michelle, she is a national level bodybuilder who resides in Florida. She has gymnastics, dance, and various sports in her background but now only concentrates on becoming the best bodybuilder she can be. She is 36 years of age works as a printer for a printing company and is also a personal trainer.

Her video is a great posing video showing her enormous muscles to their fullest. Her 17" biceps and massive calves are among the best in the business. Michelle wears several outfits each one showing her great muscles at their best she was one week out from the USA's. The video was
taped out doors by a pool so the lighting, background, etc are all perfectly done. If you enjoy a women with huge muscles flexing and moving around only to entice you, than you should order this video right away. She is a very beautiful woman as well. As of right now michelle is not doing private sessions if she decides to we will let you know.This video is 30 minutes long and cost $50.00 and as always buy this video and choose one free from videos 101-300 On Line Catalog.

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Michelle Earheart 5'4" Off season 175 Contest weight 155 Biceps 17" Calves 17" Quads 27"

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