Height: 5'10"

Weight: 135

This Fantastic, sensual, erotic, topless and nude, scenario-type video showing you a world-class dancer in a sexy and seductive story, featuring SHANNON. is from the women and muscle videos. Those of you that have not seen it is missing out on one hell of a sexy beautiful cyndi Crawford look alike.

Lewis Edwards goes into a fitness clothing store to purchase some outfits for his wife. He encounters Shannon as the saleswoman and gets some service that he has only dreamed about in the past. Lewis had last-minute shopping to do for Christmas and after going to several stores, this one was his last hope. Shannon, a beautiful, sexy, Cindy Crawford look-alike, is 5'10" and 130lbs. This exotic dancer from Florida tries on many outfits, but none of them seem to be pleasing lewis. So Shannon, wanting to make a big sale, begins to seduce him. . A great fantasy video that all of you would certainly want to happen to you.

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