Trudy Ireland Video 403 "The Rookie"

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5'4 ,165lbs of Big, hard, vascular sexy Muscle!!


5'4"", 165lbs off season, 142lbs contest, 16" biceps and 16" calves, 26" quads.

Trudy has grown!! She is BIGGER, harder, and vascular in this video then you have ever seen her before. Trudy doesn't claim to be the greatest wrestler in this industry, but she sure has fun, and is immensely STRONG! She is depicted as the Rookie of the Mass Muscle World in this video, and is told she has to prove herself as being able to wrestle guys into submission. Well. guys she certainly did prove herself! Trudy is bigger then ever in her bodybuilding career, and she is powerful. Her 26" rock hard quads squeezed this man every which way and she is no slouch!! She can squeeze... several submission from this poor guy. Her grapevine, grapevine chest smother is her most potent submission hold and she has the power and muscularity to put you away. Trudy is great to watch in this video, her HUGE muscles explode with every hold and you will be amazed at the size she has put on.. Great headlocks also showing trudys 16" biceps. This video is 46 minutes long and cost $50.00 and as always buy this video and choose one free from videos 101-300 On Line Catalog.

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