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Video 381

Maria Calo 5'5" 185lbs 18+ Biceps and Calves and 291/2" quads

in a fantastic wrestling video



Mass Muscle Ed and Vlady Ed's web-author were discussing the Internet and how Ed thought that he was ripped off by vlady on his work that he has done. They continually argue and Ed is pissed off to his limit. He quietly calls Maria up and makes up that vlady has been calling her all kind of names and has been putting her down over the net. Well no one and I mean no one piss;s off maria anytime! Maria comes over to confront vlady and vlady says he never said anything about her at all and that Ed was making it up. Rather then wait to see which man was telling the truth maria decides to pulverize vlady with no mercy what so ever. She scissors, lifts and toss's, grapevines, uses combo holds and headlocks to complete beat vlady into helplessness. After a while of this torture vlady tries to tell maria that Ed is behind all of this and that he just made all of this up to get back at him.

Now maria goes to Ed's house to confront him and a major fight pursues once again. Ed tries his best to beat and ward off the punishment that maria puts on him, but her power and strength is just to much for the out of shape Ed. She knows that Ed is real tough and maria has absolutely no mercy on him and beats him up very badly with many holds and scary vibrating scissors holds that have to be seen. Her quad muscles expand to unbelievable proportions!!! Vlady comes over Ed's house to relish in his defeat only to be beaten up again as maria takes both Ed and Vlady on at the same time beating both of them to a pulp!! This is an exciting video, 45 minutes of non-stop muscle bulging minutes that has to be seen. As always how to reach maria is at the end of the video.Get your copy today just $50.00 and pick one free video from videos 101-300 from the online catalogOn Line Catalog if you wish to go along with this video.

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