video 383

Christine Marshall in a dynamic posing video with her in contest shape in 1999. 5' 3" with 151/2" High peaked biceps, 16" calves and ripped 25" quads at 140lbs..


Beyond Ripped

Christine keeps getting better and better as the years roll on. You have seen her in ripped, more then ripped and now the best of the best BEYOND RIPPED!!

Why is this the best of the best you ask, because Christine is not only ripped and in contest shape but her muscles are bigger, fuller and more mature then ever seen before. Her biceps and calves are a full 1 to two inches larger and better quality, her high peak biceps will astound you, her legs, gluts and back are among the best in the industry!! Unreal I mean unreal gluts!!! Only Christine can pose and flex the way she does in this turn on of a video, she has her own special style and knows how to tease and tantalize you better then any stripper you may encounter at a club etc. And to top it off she goes topless and and shows her remarkable chest and pec muscles. As always this posing flexing video is one hell of an exciting turn on to watch and Christine is comparable to none while in contest shape. Get your muscle flexing copy today and how to reach her is always at videos ending.