Video 384

Carmella Cureton 5'5" 160 lbs 161/2" biceps 17+ calves 27" quads

Carmella is back by popular demand!!!!

in a great scenario domination wrestling video

Legal Battle two

The rough, tough, sexy, seductive, dominitrix, wrestler, professional bodybuilder is back again this time to beat ruthless rusty to a battered and beaten helpless man! Rusty calls for another attorney to write up his brief to present in court, after his experience with Andrea he was certain he would get a better attorney then she was. He returns from the gym and awaits carmella to bring the brief to him and that she does. Now after reading this one he again finds that this is even worse then the last one with Andrea. He becomes enraged and begins to come down on carmella, BIG MISTAKE!!! Carmella unleashed one of the worse vicious, brutal, sadistic, annihilation beatings I have ever seen in my many years in this business. Not only does she, squeeze him almost to death, but she uses holds I never have seen before, and to top all of that off she uses her martial arts background to punch kick and totally beat rusty senseless. Rusty got hurt in this one and when a couple of weeks went by rusty called me to tell me he was still hurting from that beating he suffered from carmella.

Carmella is muscular, beautiful, sexy, seductive, and also as deadly a grappler as you will ever see or encounter. She wants to seduce you in a private session and how to contact her ,as always is at videos ending. This is another gal I can't get enough of to see, and im sure after you view her upcoming series you will all agree!!!Brutal action in this video $50.00. is the cost for this 45+ minute video and as usual buy this video and receive one free from videos 101-300, On Line Catalog.

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