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Posing and mixed wrestling


5'7"", 165lbs off season, 135lbs contest, 16" biceps and 14" calves, 24" quads.

The erotic video's with kellie, Lora ottenad, Anna gianti, Anita ramsey, were all GREAT one's, but this wrestling video with Debra surpasses all of them by far!! The posing sequences show Debra's rock hard body in some very revealing outfits, she is rock hard!! Her back is as wide as a mountain (HUGE lat spread) her long solid muscular legs are more then a turn on, her biceps are fuller and bigger then ever before. Debra has put on quite a few pounds of muscle over the years. After some very enticing posing that will all ready have you turned on and hot, Debra enjoys herself in this wrestling segment What you will see next is possibly the most sensual, wrestling you have ever seen. Besides some fantastic powerful headscissoring which turn into erotic facesitting and scissoring action,Debra becomes wild and gets out of control!! Her grapevines turn into killer action which I have never encountered or seen before..Her rock solid muscular chest smother's the man and she use's her muscular breasts as weapons!! Her front and rear figure four headscissor are the most intense I have ever witnessed. She pulls the helpless mans head Deep between her glut's and makes the man submit time and time again. This turns into the hottest action you will ever see. Then some rear head scissoring brings Debra to a complete victory over this man. This video is beyond great!! It is unreal!! Order your copy today and have 1 hr of viewing pleasure that you will play over and over again.. $50.00. is the cost for this 1 hr. video and as usual buy this video and receive one free from videos 101-300, On Line Catalog.

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