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mixed wrestling


5'7"", 165lbs off season, 135lbs contest, 16" biceps and 15" calves, 25" quads.

What makes this video of Debra better then the last one with her is the camera work!! GREAT close-up action and camera angles as once more Mass Muscle Ed captures all of the action as only he can. Vlady really wanted to do a video with Debra, so his wish was fulfilled. What he didn't realize, is just how powerful Debra truly is!! He is quickly overwhelmed by Debra's incredible power, aggressiveness, and extreme intenseness. Vlady could not handle the onslaught wrestling Debra put upon him. He continually tried to escape from Debra, this made her even more insane with power, and she overpowered vlady and put him in holds for submission time and time again. UNREAL grapevine holds showing Debra's now infamous action will leave you awestruck!! Her muscles explode while doing this style of wrestling, her whole body is solid muscle. Debra's front, rear, and figure four head scissors are a thing of rare beauty as she squeezes him into submission .Debra may be the best scissor artist this industry has. Debra is incredibly powerful, aggressive wrestler in the industry today!! The ending of this video will make you come back for more as she grapevines vlady into a screaming submission. Debra just keeps getting better and better all the time.Get your 1 hr video of Debra today and as always buy this video and choose one free from videos 101-300 $50.00. On Line Catalog.

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