Video 400
Debra D'andrea

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Dynamic, Intense, Aggressive, Scissoring action....
(All of you scissor fans good news!! Debra is second to none in unreal, intense head scissoring!!)


5'7"", 165lbs off season, 16" biceps and 16" calves, 25 1/2" quads. (She has Grown!!)

This video of Debra depicts just how incredibly intense this woman really is. She not only displays unbelievable intensity but also displays some of the most devastating exciting head scissoring you would ever encounter by any of these muscular women. She is second to none in scissors!!! Unreal rock hard muscular legs ,which have grown a few inches since you last viewed her, can squeeze you unconscious within seconds. Her scissors is more intense then Anita Ramsey, Thea, Karla, and Yvonne mccoy combined, And even more devastating. We all know just how intense these ladies scissors are!! Debra not only love's to do scissors submission sessions but it is also a pleasure to her. And to top it off Debra loves to have her head scissored also, no one to date man or woman can make Debra submit to a head scissors, she loves being head scissored.

Debra is laying around needing to wrestle someone very badly, so she calls Ed over to show him just how much she has learned about wrestling these last few months. Debra is TRULY insatiable she really cannot get enough wrestling, she loves it just as much as us guys do.Ed comes over and doesn't even have time to say anything before he is pulled into Debra's bed. Debra begins some of the most aggressive, intense, ROUGH wrestling ever seen to date even more then her other videos.The reason for this is that Debra hadn't wrestled for a while and really needed to let loose.

What you will see in this video is some of the most intense, ROUGH wrestling with Unreal knockout head scissoring making Ed submit time and time again.Debra is so turned on in this video she looses control she almost kills Ed. I have never seen a woman achieve this before. Debra is extremely strong, powerful, aggressive, intense and very very ROUGH!!! She is far beyond fantastic Some incredible, front, rear, back, figure four, figure four smother scissors holds has Ed begging for mercy. SHE IS UNREAL!!!

This video is 55 minutes for $50.00 and as always purchase this video and receive one free from the catalog from videos 101-300, On Line Catalog.


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