Video 402
Maria Calo

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Maria is more MASSIVE then ever, her muscles are bigger!! She is merciless with this man!!!!


5'5' 180lbs 18" calves 291/2" quads 181/2" biceps

Maria is BIGGER, thicker, harder, and more muscular then ever before!! Without a doubt maria is in a class of bodybuilders all her own. she is one of the biggest thickly muscled women in the sport. This video shows a much improved wrestling tactician, as maria has been going to pro wrestling school and has learned all kinds of holds and moves. She has immense speed, skills, and is as strong as a raging bull! Vlady has been running his cocky big mouth again telling everyone that maria is no match for him in a full out match. BIG BIG mistake!! Maria didn't like the fact that he has been posting this all over the net and telling everyone that he knows. The challenge was accepted by both combatants and Mass Muscle was lucky to capture it on tape. Maria is certainly at her best in this fight, her speed, strength, endurance, and knowledge of all kinds of submission holds was to much for the 210lb vlady. Vlady was quickly overwhelmed by grueling grapevines, headlocks, arm-bars, head and body scissors, lifts and throws, and of course her immense power!! The scissors holds applied to vlady were nothing less then scary!!You will see maria's MASSIVE hamstring muscle bulge out and completely engulf vlady's head and watch her squeeze so violently that vlady was knocked out in seconds!!!(for real)... I challenge any of you guys out there to take maria on in a head scissors submission match, you will LOOSE!!!! This is a very exciting action video with both opponents going for the win. Maria is a sight to see. This video is 45 minutes for $50.00 and as always purchase this video and receive one free from the catalog from videos 101-300, On Line Catalog.


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