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Video 406 Maria Calo



This posing, flexing video shows off Maria's muscles the best that ever has been seen. And I mean BIG muscles!!!! She has gotten BIGGER, better, and more astounding then ever before in her bodybuilding career. Her massive 18+ biceps are full, high peaked and HARD!! Her amazing 29+" quads and her 19" calves will have you not believing they are for real. Many outfits worn here and they show off her muscles very elegantly. I am always amazed, impressed, and just mystified of just how massive and incredibly muscular maria is. Get this video today and watch it over and over again, you will be impressed each time.This video is 31 minutes of heart pumping muscle flexing action and cost $50.00 and as always buy this video and choose one free from videos 101-380 On Line Catalog.

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