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Video 407 Wrestling and Posing Video


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Mass Muscle has been graced by meeting Kathy Connors and doing this great wrestling posing combo video. Kathy is a very beautiful woman and has a body that stops traffic! Her legs and glut's are magnificent and her upper body is hard and muscular. She begins this video with some dynamic posing and flexing to some great Hawaiian music showing her muscular body very sensually, Her legs are thick and hard with a wide flair to her quads and diamond shape calves. Kathy wears three outfits during her posing segments which last for around 20 minutes. Each outfit is sexier then the next! Then its on to some domination type wrestling. You will see great grapevines showing Kathy's beautiful hamstrings and glut's. Headlocks that almost takes this poor guys head off and leaves him semi-unconscious. Scissors hold both body and head leave vlad stunned and completely helpless. Also some great humiliation verbiage tactics by Kathy is a real treat as well.This video is 40 minutes of beauty, grace, and exquisite muscle flexing action and cost $50.00 and as always buy this video and choose one free from videos 101-380 On Line Catalog.

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