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Video 423 10th anniversary


Karla Nelson In a eye popping posing video. 5' 10" with 171/2" rock solid high Peaked biceps, 18+" calves and ripped 27+" quads at 205lbs..Karla is by far in a class all her own!!!

Karla was at the Mass Muscle Mansion, and while there her and Mass Muscle Ed realized that it was her 10th year working with Mass Muscle. Being that Karla was Mass Muscle's first lady, we decided that all of you should see just how much Karla has progressed in the last 10 years. Without any imagination, Karla has gotten bigger then ever before, especially her calves!! Her calves measured almost 18" and I do mean quality, ripped inches. Karla has a body that no one can beat, she has HUGE size and freaky striations, and this being all year round! She is never out of shape and heavy by any means and is always RIPPED. The videos begins with an interview with Karla, as she tells you about her career in both bodybuilding and her wrestling. During her interview her muscle's bulge and flex for you and, she is just sitting still!! Then the muscles really begin to bulge, as Karla shows off her muscularity indoors, outdoors, in the bedroom (oiling her massive muscles) and all of this in some mouth watering outfits that will leave you with nothing left!! Karla by far has the most muscular glut's in the world, the only one that came close to her was Yvonne McCoy (who I miss deeply) and Tawanda Smith who is also one of a kind. You will love this video of Karla posing and flexing and turning you on. Some unreal close-up action also is exciting to view!!.This video is 30 minutes long of non-stop posing and unreal display of muscle. Karla loves to please you and is exciting to watch as ever, her muscles will leave you awestruck... for $50.00 and as usual by this video and receive one free from videos 101-380, On Line Catalog

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