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Video 424 Unfaithful


Debra D'Andrea Takes on a male and female. 5' 7" with 15" rock solid high Peaked biceps, 16" calves and ripped 26" quads at 165lbs..Debra is the sexiest hellcat alive!!!

Debra is always getting more and more intense. This video she beats a man and a woman without mercy. Vlady the alleged boyfriend of debra was caught cheating on her right in their own home. Debra walks in to find vlady playing with tanya and begins a destructive onslaught of brutal sadistic destruction that will make you cringe!! Not only does debra apply her devastating scissor holds to both victims, but also use's some vicious punching on vlady. All of this for real folks!! Debra is well renowned for her scissor holds and she can easily knock anyone out within seconds. She also loves to use her combination grapevine chest smother to knock people out. And she has some CHEST!!! Lots of great action by debra here, she is always a pleasure to view and she will for sure excite you beyond your expectations. Cost for this 36 minute video is $50.00 and as usual by this video and receive one free from videos 101-380, On Line Catalog

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