Michelle Ivers Ranch Hand

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5'4",160lbs of HUGE quality muscle!!


5'4"", 160lbs off season, 138lbs contest, 17" biceps and 16 1/2" calves, 26" quads.

Mass Muscle has out done itself with this non-stop action packed, exciting video!!! Michelle is at her muscular off season best. HUGE biceps, quads and hamstrings, totally annialate and destroy this guy without any mercy what so ever. Michele seems to really enjoy punishing and making this helpless man submit time and time again. The screams and moans from Louie are totally 100% real folks!

While working on the MM Ranch as a manager Michele finds herself doing all the work while her ranch hand is no where to be found. This really irritates and maddens Michele to the breaking point. The farm hand after several hours comes back into the farm house and has to confront the angry Michele. What happens next is not for the weak at heart! You will see intense bone crushing, vibrating body scissors and head scissors that will leave you awestruck!! Grapevines that almost break Luis in half. Smother holds, face sitting, combo holds and non-stop fast paced action makes this video very exciting to watch from beginning to end! Luis is left a bloody mess at the end of the video and Michele challenges any of you to come in for an interview to become her new ranch hand.. This video is 48 minutes long and cost $50.00 and as always buy this video and choose one free from videos 101-380.On Line Catalog

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