Kathy Connors
“Home Analyst”

295 NW Commons Loop Suite 115-377
Lake City, FL 32055
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Kathy Connors 5'3",153lbs of sexy hard muscle!!


Kathy is amoung the best of the best in legs and glutes, 161/2" calves 16" biceps, 25" rock hard massive quads!!! Only one month out from her second placing in the southern states...

Kathy is a home analyst appraiser and has been summoned to do an appraisal of the mass muscle home. When she gets there and after the appraisal, she has nothing good to say about anything. This infuriates mass muscle luis and he insults kathy back. Kathy is not into being insulted and tells luis to take back what he said. Well, guess what, luis is hard headed in more ways then one, and won't tell kathy he is sorry. BIG mistake!! Through the years since kathys last video with mass muscle, she has become more muscular, larger, stronger, and without a doubt is amoung the best in legs and glutes development and sexiness. She has also become a better wrestler and puts some GREAT scissors holds on luis that makes him submit in seconds. She has also developed some of her own holds and makes luis scream in pain several times. Grapevine holds showing kathys beautiful muscular legs and glutes, head and bodyscissors, combo holds, headlocks, barehugs, lifts and carries, makes this videos a special one to watch. Close ups of kathys legs are awesome, don't delay order this one today!!! As always order this 50 minute video for $50 and choose one video free from 101-430. On Line Catalog

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