Kathy Connors

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Kathy Connors 5'3",153lbs, 16 1/2" calves, 15 1/2" biceps, 25" Flared rock hard quads!!


One month from the Southern states contest, Kathy is rock hard with BIG muscles!!

Kathy an avid horse back rider was shopping for some saddles and went into the M M Ranch saddle sales shop. Luis the expert salesman tries to sell a saddle for a ridiculous high price. Kathy is no fool, and tries to reason with the salesman that it isn't even worth $500 let alone $50,000. Luis insists on bull-shiting Kathy and she could no longer take anymore. She begins an onslaught of destruction that leaves Luis out cold and helpless at the end of the video. Great scissors holds especially when Kathy does her standing front and rear head scissors, grapevines, lifts and carries, headlocks, smother holds, facesitting, and lots of other holds Kathy invented. She is a delight to watch with her sexy muscular body and GREAT GREAT legs!!! As always order this 50 minute video for $50 and choose one video free from 101-430. On Line Catalog

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