Colette Guimond

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Colette Guimond 5',153lbs, 18" calves, 17 1/2" biceps, 27 +" Flared rock hard quads!!


One month out after winning the heavy weight class in the Southern states contest, Colette is HUGE and hard with MASSIVE muscles!!

I cannot say enough about this MASSIVE muscular lady. She is without a doubt one of if not the BIGGEST gal around right now in the bodybuilding world. She may be short in height, but she is HUGE in build and muscles. This video displays all of her muscles to their fullest with great closeups. You first view Colette outdoors flexing and posing those huge high peaked biceps and massive legs muscles. Then you go indoors to watch as Colette wash's her feet and legs showing you how massive her calves really are. A full 18" with diamonds completely overwhelm you as you watch. She then pose's in the bed showing off her sexy muscles and has only one thing in mind turning you on!! GREAT close-ups throughout this mouth watering video shows Colette at her best. Rippling muscles are carefully examined in each scene. Then its time for Colette to show you how dynamic her leg muscles are with some all out nothing held back Head scissors. Front, rear, back head-scissors are all displayed here, the submissions are for sure real, as this man is almost knocked unconscious a few times. Watch her leg muscle EXPLODE as Colette squeezes without mercy!!She truely seems to enjoy squeezing a man into submission. Colette is one of a kind, Beautiful, sexy, with unreal HUGE muscles that I still cannot get over!! If you have not seen her for a while then this is the video for you, she is AWESOME!! As always order this 45 minute video for $50 and choose one video free from 101-430. On Line Catalog

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