Colette Guimond vs Lynn sauve
“Perfume 3”

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Colette Guimond 5'1", 163lbs, 18" calves, 17 1/2" biceps, 27+" rock hard quads!!

Lynn Sauve 5'7" 150lbs 16" biceps and calves and 25" striated quads. She is lean and mean!


This is a domination video of colette showing her massive muscle power with Lynn struggling to compete.

This is the sequel to perfume 1 and 2. Colette goes to Charlie's house to collect her money for the perfume she sold him. Charlie is not home but his girl friend Lynn is. They confront each other and Lynn accuses Colette of making it with her boyfriend. A struggle ensues and Lynn has all she has to do to ward off Colette's holds. This action is slow paced with some fairly good wrestling, most of all, it shows some unbelievable muscle on both girls. Colette being HUGE I mean HUGE and Lynn with her sexy seductive sinewy muscle. This is for the muscle lovers who like to see two girls arguing and struggling with one another. Finally it comes to Colette posing for Lynn and vice versa, and then some nice massaging with oil and creams. As always order this 45 minute video for $50 and choose one video free from 101-430. On Line Catalog

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