Debra D'andrea Video 458
“Mass Muscle Temps”

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Debra intense wrestling style cannot be beaten by any man or woman,,,


Debra is 5'7" aggressive, intense, muscular, powerful!!

Debra comes to vladys house as a temp looking for a job on the ranch. After being bad mouthed by vlady that a woman cannot do a mans work, Debra is off to show him just how strong she is. In a series of jobs that Debra keeps fouling up, vlady fires the muscular beauty. Debra gets madder then ever before and lays a beating down on vlady that he has never experienced before. Just shear power and intense strength is shown throughout this video as Debra in many occasions almost squeezes vlady to death!! Debra has without a doubt the most powerful, deadly, and sadistic scissors hold around. She enjoys it so much she doesn't know when to let go. This video shows debra's leg muscles and great body to its fullest..

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