Debra D'andrea Video 459
“absolutely no contest”

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Debra has several different strength match's against a capable man


Debra is 5'7" strong, powerful, muscular, sexy!!!!

Debra challenges vlady to several different strength contest to finally once and for all shut this man up. First it is boxing in which it is mostly body punching but for real. Vlady is knocked down 4 times throughout the match and has no chance against Debra's punches. Debra is punched real hard in the abs and she doesn't even feel it.. Then it is arm wrestling and vlady is beaten several times with both arms. Then to some sit ups and this contest is basically no contest as Debra just blows him away. then the weights and again vlady is humiliated. Then its onto some great wrestling and debra's own style of beating a man senseless, she is just to much for any man and vlady is beaten unconscious in this match..

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