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Anita Ramsey is for sure TOUGH ENOUGH!!


Anita Ramsey 5'4" 150lbs 16+ high peaked biceps, 16" calves 25" killer quads!!

Anita goes to the Mass Muscle Gym to work out. She is met there by the manager of the gym and told she is to weak and that this is a man's gym and to get out!! Anita is struggling trying to lift the mass muscle weights and vlady makes fun of her even more and sends her out of the gym with her tail between her legs...

Anita goes' back home and goes' to her gym mainly to train hard and get stronger and more muscular to go back and show the mass muscle gym guys she is stronger and better then everyone.

She returns to the Mass Muscle Gym after several months of training hard and goes back and shows all of them how strong and muscular she is now... She beats the man easily in some arm wrestling...

She beats vlady up with the most devastating scissors, head-locks, combo holds, grapevines, lifts and carries, full nelsons, and lots of other holds Anita never used before!!

Watching her MASSIVE, powerhouse beautiful muscles flex and bulge with each move is so exciting. Anita is back and she wants to wrestle all of you again...
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