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Introducing the AMAZING Amber Castello


Just Being Amber video 472

Amber Castillo 5'5" 25" striated quads and 18" calves the newest mass muscle girl is here to introduce herself to you. She is an amazing woman, coming from being an obese person to getting into power lifting and becoming a world class power lifter, to now beginning her journey into the bodybuilding and wrestling world.

Her legs muscles are amazing on the same lines as Yvonne McCoy and Karla nelson legs and gluts, and, she knows how to use them.

Great posing and flexing here with sensuality plus then onto the shower and bath for some erotic bathing making her wish there was a guy there to play with.

A man shows up and she begins her fun with some wrestling, and sensual play that you all will enjoy.

Trust me here when I tell you this woman has amazing leg development!!

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