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Amber Castello 5'5" 18" calves striated quads and gluts


Act It Out video 474

Amber Castillo 5'5" 25" striated quads and 18" calves the newest mass muscle girl.

After writing their script for hours, amber's co-writer wants to take a nap and relax, amber is still all hyped up and wants to practice some acting on the scenes they just wrote.

The co-writer suggest that he give amber a massage to calm her down and help her to relax. So he massages her unreal legs and not only does not make her relax but makes her horny instead.

This video is a nice slow pace sensual type video with amber humping and grinding and banging away at vlads body and face. Amber just loves pleasing herself on his body and loves to please all of you as you watch her in sensual action.

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