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Anita Ramsey 5'4" 16+" calves killer 26" quads unreal gluts 17" high peaked biceps


Payday video 477

Total annihilation here!!!

Anita Ramsey 5'4" 17" massive rock hard high peaked biceps, 26" granite quads, and 16+ softball like calves

Its payday and Anita goes' to get her check at the office. She is told not only doe's she not get a check but she is fired as well.

The reason why she is fired infuriates Anita and she turns her anger loose on her boss.

Anita is a powerhouse, extremely strong woman, who could kill men with her arms and legs

And kill this guy she almost does with an onslaught of head locks, head and body scissors, combination holds, sleeper holds, grapevine smother, all of these holds leading to knockouts.

The man in this video was severely beaten and was messed up for many days after the video with cracked ribs and a concussion from Anita's massive rock hard legs.

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