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5'7"", 160lbs off season, 135lbs contest, 16" biceps and 15" calves, 25" quads.

You have asked lets see Debra in a competitive match, can she wrestle? Well here you have it a full out no scenario competitive mixed match against a skilled male of equal size to Debra. What you are going to see here is just how powerful, fast, tireless, and AGGRESSIVE, Debra truly is. She is like a lioness going in for the kill. She quickly overpowers and controls this capable skilled wrestler and shows her wrestling prowess. Great full body grapevine bearhug combinations has Todd gasping for air as Debra applies full power with her amazing upper body strength. She brings Todd to many submissions this way. Some fantastic head and excruciating body scissors by Debra bring him to screaming submissions. Todd gets some holds on Debra but she shows just how tough and rock hard she is and never submits. When Debra has this man completely exhausted and under her control, she then begins her infamous sensual wrestling, pleasing herself on his head, face, and body with some great humping and grinding smothering action. However, the majority of this video is all out wrestling with both combatants wrestling each submission to exhaustion!! Debra's muscles explode all through this video and she keeps getting better and better muscle quality and size everytime I see her. Purchase this video today and have 35 min. of non-stop hard fought action that you will play over and over again.. $50.00. is the cost for this video and as usual buy this video and receive one free from videos 101-380, On Line Catalog.

Debra has surely proved here she isn't all play and can give any man a good fight and a beating!! (For Real)

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